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Knowing how to ride a bicycle can provide a lifetime of enjoyment, exercise, and transportation, but only if you know how to ride a bike in a way that helps to keep you alive and out of the hospital.

Each year 290,000 kids go to emergency departments because of bicycle injuries.

There are a few simple rules to follow when riding a bike:

  • Check your tires and brakes — Before you ride, fill your tires with air and make sure that your brakes work. 
  • Wear a helmet — a brain can be permanently damaged in a bike crash and helmets are a proven way to protect you. 
  • One person per bike — don’t give rides, bicycles are intended for one rider. 
  • Kids should ride on sidewalks — If you can, stay away from cars. If you have to ride on the street, ride in the same direction as cars and follow the rules of the road. 
  • Visibility — If you ride at night, make sure that your bike has both a rear and front light.