The Road Safety Campaign recognizes that road safety affects everyone, whether on a bike, as a pedestrian or in a vehicle. Road-related injuries are the leading cause of death for children and young adults.  The Road Safety Campaign by Connecticut Children's Medical Center highlights the importance of keeping families and children safe on our Connecticut roads.  No matter if you're traveling in a car, with wheels, or on foot, the Road Safety Campaign can give you the information and resources you need to keep your family safe.


The most dangerous thing that your child will do in the next few years is driving a motor vehicle. In the United States more than 3,000 teens die each year in car crashes. That’s just the tip of the iceberg with more than 450,000 teen injuries.

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Knowing how to ride a bicycle can provide a lifetime of enjoyment, exercise, and transportation, but only if you know how to ride a bike in a way that helps to keep you alive and out of the hospital.

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The increased popularity of smart phones, head phones and tablets have given kids an alternate option on where to focus their attention. And more kids are choosing to focus on the electronics rather than on the road.

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Under the Influence

Each year approximately 400 children in Connecticut are passengers in cars that crash with a driver who is under the influence of alcohol, marijuana, or a drug. These crashes result in injuries and, in some cases, death.

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